Former Executive Director

He is a founder member of influential NGOs such as TGNP and HakiElimu, a widely recognized participatory facilitator and trainer, a writer of facilitation manuals on gender, youth development, life skills, developmental columns in the newspapers and children’s books. He was finally prevailed upon to join UNICEF in order to set up an out of school programme for young people, which has become the model for youth development in Tanzania.


Deputy Director – Consultancy and technical support

She has been a facilitator, nationally and internationally (Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Malawi) in issues of human rights programming, youth development and life skills. In ADF V (2006) she was not only a facilitator but was also chosen to speak on behalf of young people. Her speech was so powerful that it provided a reference point for all, including senior politicians, throughout the Forum.


Executive Director

He has been a youth activist for more than 10 years in a wide variety of youth programmes culminating in his being chosen Executive Secretary of Tanzania Life Skills Association. He is well known nationally and internationally as a facilitator in youth development, human rights programming and life skills, (Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Kenya, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone) He was one of the facilitators of youth participation in African Development Forum (ADF V) on Youth and Leadership in 2006.