Volunteer Camping in Mbaaseny
February 6, 2019

Event code: TMS-VC: 002

Duration of the camping: Three weeks

Starting and ending dates: 8th – 28th June 2019

Location: Kirima

Available space: 25 volunteers


Community profile:

Kirima is an administrative ward of Moshi rural district in Kilimanjaro region. The ward consist of three villages which are Kirima Juu, Kirima Kati and Boro. The natives found in Kirima are Wachaga and Wapare. Kirima which is 61.4 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), is situated on the foot of the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro and the highest mountain in Africa at 19,341 feet (5,895 m.) above sea level. The area is blessed with natural vegetation and water streams flowing from the melting glaciers of the mountain top.

 Population in Kirima

According to the latest Tanzanian National Census of 2012, Kirima has the population of 10,709, of which 5,819 are females and 4,890 are males.

 Safety in Kirima

Kirima is the safe place to be, natives are friendly and welcoming. Moshi is a very popular relaxing and friendly place which is known to host tourists and people from different backgrounds. It is known for generosity and respectful for locals and foreigners. Kirima has no records of crime or any unsafety reports and moreover, the local government as well as the vigilante patrols play a great role in maintaining peaceful atmosphere in Kirima.

 Food for the locals

You may wish to try plantains (Bananas) the staple food for Wachaga which is prepared in different traditional ways. It can be pounded and mixed with minced beef which is known as mtori or boiled, mixed with beef soup (machalari). Makande is a traditional food for Wapare, made of a mixture of maize and beans.

 Interaction in Kirima

People in Kirima engage in various community activities such as sports, traditional dances, community development programs, village meetings, traditional ceremonies and faith based gatherings.

 Tourist Attraction

When in Kirima, volunteers will get a chance to see the beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro, visit nearby waterfalls such as Kilasia, Kinukamori, Ndoro in Marangu, about 49 km from Kirima or a visit to a man-made lake Nyumba ya Mungu in Mwanga district or to Kilimanjaro National Park.

TAMASHA will also assist volunteers who wish to organize their private tour trips around the country.

ZIFF – Zanzibar International Film Festival is one of the biggest event around the time, for dhow countries film is expected to take place from 6th -14th July, 2019 in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Volunteers may wish to connect with the event or arrange other trips to Ngorongoro, Serengenti or other national parks, will be assisted.


Since Kirima is on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, during the day the temperatures are cool and at night plummet to coldness. The mountain tops comes to the perfect view in the morning and late evening before they are covered with clouds.

Community activities during the camping

According to the discussion with the communities, volunteers will engage in various activities including:

  • Renovation of Usagara Primary School by painting the classrooms.
  • Assist community members in building a school library.
  • Environmental conservation through tree planting in schools.
  • Visiting the most vulnerable children and elders for materials and psychosocial support.
  • Engage in sports, games and cultural activities with the locals.
  • Participate in traditional dances and other cultural events.


All volunteers will live in a house within the community in order to allow the interaction with the community members.

Public and social services:

All major mobile networks are available in Kirima.  Volunteers may wish to connect internet through their mobile phones by subscribing to internet bundles using affordable local tariffs.

Banking service are available at the nearest town of Moshi, about 25km from Kirima.

Camp fees:

$400 for foreigners

300,000TZS for local Tanzanians.

Mode of payment:

For the amounts to be paid to TAMASHA by foreigners including camp fee, it is preferably to be paid in European Euro cash or equivalent to Tanzania shillings, US$, UK£ using the exchange rate on arrival. Kindly note that, no traveler cheques accepted.

Locals can pay the amount in TZS through official M-Pesa number +255 744 944 502, registered as TAMASHA COMPANY LIMITED.

Other costs:

Personal travel and incidental arrangement are not payable to TAMASHA. Fees paid to the camp will cover accommodation, meals and local travel within the community. Volunteers are made aware to have extra budget for sightseeing expenses.

Things to bring:

When you are ready to pack your luggage for our interesting camp, we remind you to bring the following necessary items.

  1. Valid Passport and Visa for your stay in Tanzania
  2. National Flag [We need this to put on the poll during the opening and closing ceremony]. You need it as well for your cultural exchange.
  3. Bed sheet, towel and pillow if you need one. Clothes for rain and Mosquito net.
  4. Mosquito repellant, sun cream and other personal medications. You may contact your doctor on what you may require in terms of medical.
  5. Cloth of cool weather, Torch, few nice clothes for parties, ceremonies and special occasions.
  6. Gloves and working clothes. Bring an extra glove pair for your friend.
  7. Camera if you would like to bring some good memories home.
  8. Note book, pen and diary if you need one.
  9. Music instruments, various games, tapes,
  10. Souvenirs and other stuff you might need for your cultural evening.

Contact details:

TAMASHA, Sinza C, Kilanza Street No. 17, P.O. Box 105013, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


+255 744 944 502 – Office.

+255 762 507 600 – Lead Volunteer Programme: Nelson Villema

+255 753 404 197 – Camp Coordinator: Elizabeth Stephen



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