Volunteer and Exchange Programme

Programme objectives.

To provide an opportunity to young volunteers and interns to work with adolescent and youth in participatory development and gain in field experience of their work while contributing to the development of local communities.

Programme activities.

  • Cultural exchange and eco-tourisms camps.

What we do: We seek partnership with other organizations in specific cultural exchange programmes and organize work camps for volunteers to live and work with local communities in development projects.

  • Internship and volunteer placement.

What we do: We provide internship opportunities for local college students, graduates and people who work with adolescent and youth to work in youth projects implemented by TAMASHA for a learning purpose and human resource support to the project activities.   

Accessing volunteers from various organizations with particular expertise to come and work with TAMASHA directly or in placement with youth networks where necessary. Volunteers will be working in capacity development of the institution and youth networks and also like managing websites, development of publications, prepare documentaries etc.   

  • Community voluntary work.

What we do: TAMASHA organizes short term activities and events for advocacy and community engagement in various issues related to young people and development.

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