Event code: TMS-001

Starting and ending dates: 29th December 2018 – 11st January 2019

Location: Mbaaseny

Available space: 20 vols

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Community profile:

Mbaaseny is a village located in Arusha region, in Arumeru district. Mbaaseny is one of the four villages which constitute the Maruwango ward. Mbaaseny village is comprised of three hamlets namely Nombeko, Songambele and Mbaaseny itself. The natives are of the Meru tribe.

Population in Mbaaseny:

According to the latest Tanzanian National Census of 2012, Mbaaseny had the population of 1200: 642 females and 558 males.


Life in Mbaaseny is of guaranteed peace and harmony. Like in most parts of Tanzania, the natives are caring and loving people who always extends their arms for foreigners. Meru tribe is known for having strong cultural and social morals, respect to tradition and elders who are the keepers of tradition which promotes peace and harmony, and non-discriminatory social practices. Peaceful atmosphere in Mbaaseny is maintained through the intervention of local government authorities as well as the role of the youth who provide vigilance patrols in the community.


Mbaaseny is rich in food. The most common food and which is preferred by the locals is Loshoro, a delicious meal which is made from a mixture of yogurt and boiled maize. However the community has an access to food varieties.

Interaction in Mbaaseny:

People in this village socialize in various community activities such as sport, traditional dance, community development programmes, village meetings, traditional ceremonies, and faith based gatherings especially in churches. Christianity is the dominance religion in the area, but the locals are known to have deepest tolerance and respect to other people’s faith.

Project description:

Programme and activities.

Community engagement:

This camp provides an interesting and interactive programme which allows volunteers to live in the community and work with the locals. The Village Executive Officer and the local government authorities have worked with TAMASHA to agree and prepare event programme which takes into consideration their priorities and concerns.  Initially the local government authority has made aware of the event to the community members.

Construction of a village office:

Volunteers will work with the locals to finish the village office building. Community members have already made 450 bricks to build an office. This is the great opportunity for our volunteers to leave the mark in setting up the structure.

Environmental conversation:

Volunteers will take part in environmental conversation activity through tree planting, work in the market area, dispensary and the schools around and road repair. These are the activities performed by the community members in their routine settings.

Visits and home support to the most vulnerable children:

Volunteer teams will split and spend time with children in their homes to build rapport of the most vulnerable situation, perform some task together, offer emotional support and build an attachment with children and the local communities. Training on how to work with the most vulnerable children will be provided at the beginning of the camp.

Food and accommodation:

TAMASHA and the local community have made an arrangement for volunteers’ accommodation in a rented house where volunteers will live during the camp. Accommodation is provided according to the nature of the place, it may not be to higher standards and expectations but at least TAMASHA assures to provide a comfortable, warm, friendly and peaceful environment for everyone.

Food will be served at the camp, having volunteers take turns in preparing meals and deciding what they would want in their daily menu. Volunteers are encouraged to introduce and prepare their local meals for the team. Meals for vegetarians and people with special needs [health/ religious] will be available prior to information during application.

Sightseeing and attractions.

Mbaaseny is blessed with a number of tourist attractions. Lake Momela which is famous for its numberless hippopotamuses and flamingos is one among the tourist attractions found in Mbaaseny. Mount Leguruki is another tourist attraction found in this village. It is amazing how this Mountain bisects the Arusha National Park from the Leguruki and Maruwango wards together with other areas of Ngarenanyuki.

What astonishes more is the fact that when one is at the peak of Mount Leguruki they will get a clear view of the whole areas in Leguruki, Kingori, Maruwango wards and a slight view of areas in Ngarenanyuki ward.

Moreover, when at the peak of Mount Leguruki, one will get an extra view of some areas of the neighbouring regions of Arusha such as Boma Ng’ombe hot springs found in Hai district in Kilimanjaro region. Lake Momela is clearly viewed from the peak of this Mountain as well. Leaving alone Mount Leguruki, there are cultural exhibition centres such as the Momela Cultural Tourism Camp which is situated near Lake Momela. TAMASHA will make arrangement to some of the attractions but will also support volunteers to make their own arrangement to other attractions.

The Weather;

The weather in Mbaaseny is cool. Most times it is expected to be of mean temperatures which will generate both hot and cold days. The sunshine during daytime makes Mbaaseny a cool village despite the coldness during evenings.

Public and social services:

There is a strong mobile network available in Mbaaseny. Volunteers may wish to connect internet through their mobile phones by buying a mobile sim card and internet bundles.

Banking service are available at the nearest town of Usa River, 22km or in Arusha town, 41km from Mbaaseny.

Camp fees:

International volunteers – 300$

Local Volunteers – 200,000 Tshs.

Mode of payment:

For the amounts to be paid to TAMASHA including work camp fee, it is preferably to be paid in US$ cash or equivalent to Tanzania shillings, Euro, UK£ using the exchange rate on arrival. Kindly note that, no traveler cheques accepted.

Other costs:

Personal travel and incidental arrangement are not payable to TAMASHA. Fees paid to the camp will cover accommodation, meals and local travel within the community. Volunteers are made aware to have extra budget for sightseeing expenses.

Things to bring:

When you are ready to pack your luggage for our interesting camp, we remind you to bring the following necessary items.

  • Valid Passport and Visa for your stay in Tanzania
  • National Flag [We need this to put on the poll during the opening and closing ceremony]. You need it as well for your cultural exchange.
  • Bed sheet, towel and pillow if you need one. Clothes for rain and Mosquito net.
  • Mosquito repellant, sun cream and other personal medications. You may contact your doctor on what you may require in terms of medical.
  • Cloth of cool summer, Torch, few nice clothes for parties, ceremonies and special occasions.
  • Gloves and working clothes. Bring an extra glove pair for your friend.
  • Camera if you would like to bring some good memories home.
  • Note book, pen and diary if you need one.
  • Music instruments, various games, tapes,
  • Souvenirs and other stuff you might need for your cultural evening.

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Contact details:


Sinza C, Kilanza Street No. 17,

P.O. Box 105013, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


+255 744 944 502 – Office.

+255 714 106 069 – Lead Volunteer Programme: Dedi Mwita

+255 746 360 629 – Camp Coordinator: Daniel Alex

E-mail: volunteer@tamasha.or.tz

Website: www.tamasha.or.tz