Volunteer Camping in Mbaaseny

February 6, 2019

Volunteer Camping in Mbaaseny

Event code: TMS-VC: 001

Location: Mbaaseny village, Meru district, Arusha

Duration: Two weeks

Start and end dates: 29th December 2018 – 11th January 2019.

Number of volunteers: 23


Community profile.

Mbaaseny village is located in Meru district in Arusha about 55km from Arusha town and about 57km Moshi, in Kilimanjaro. The village has the population of 1,200, Meru being a dominant tribe in the area. Mbaaseny is among the villages surrounding Arusha National Park en route to Lake Momela. Mount Meru can be visibly seen from the village, standing on the north.

Camp site.

To enable a quick and interactive relationship with the natives, the camp was hosted by the local community in the village who provided TAMASHA with two houses and collaborated with a team of volunteers in all activities. A coordination team was formed partly by TAMASHA and the village leadership, which planned for the activities and arranged for all social events.

Program and activities.

The program consisted of various activities:

Community work:

  • Construction of village office.
  • Environmental activities in nearby schools and dispensary.
  • Road construction.
  • Visiting families of the most vulnerable children, providing psychosocial and material support. Volunteers made notable donations to children by giving clothes and school’s stationery.




  • Cultural orientation.
  • Concept of volunteerism.
  • How to work with the local communities.
  • Animation skills.
  • Facilitation skills.


Social and cultural: 

  • Transact walk around the village.
  • Sports – football matches with the local youth, netball and other games.
  • Talent, dramas, karaoke and storytelling in the evening.
  • An organized ‘braai’ for roasted goat meat with villagers during New Year celebration accompanied by local food from Meru community.
  • Sessions for cultural and tradition learning from Meru elders.


Touristic activities:   

  • Mountain hiking to Mount Leguruki. The mountain bisects the Arusha National Park from Leguruki and Maruwango wards together with the areas of Ngarenanyuki town, giving a perfect 360 view of Arusha from the mountain top. It is astonishing how the mountain peak gives a clear view of Mount Meru the second highest mountain in Tanzania and at the same time allows you to see both peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mawenzi and Kibo.
  •  A visit to Lake Momela. Momela a soda lake, with a high content of sodium is a home to flamingos, lies in the area north east of Arusha National Park nestled in the valley is among the seven lakes including big Momela and Lake Reshateni.


The community values your contribution. Thank you all for your continued support, enthusiasm and passion.

Daniel Alex

Sara Kasara

Abdulrahman Mkelemi


Haruni Lema

Gladness Paul

Elizabeth Michael

Rosette Mgawe

Dedi Mwita

Damian Emmanuel

Oscar Nampwapwa

Godlove Kaaya

Frank Mndolwa

Deborah Urio

Witness Merakua

Cyprian Kauje

Deborah Akyoo

Kayumba Maregesi

Churchill Shakim